Some things to consider when looking to buy a home or property:
 In Costa Rica you probably don't need as much sq. footage in the main part of the house because you can use a lot of outside space for living- such as porches, decks and patios and terraces.
 A carport is very nice  to have here.  If the property you are considering does not have one, make sure there is room to add one.
Expect lower maintenance costs with a brand-new home.

Pay attention to floor plans. Changing layouts of rooms later, can be costly.
 Consider air circulation in the floor plan. 
  Use all the natural light and air you can. Skylights are an excellent choice.
 In many areas of the country you will not need heat nor an air conditioner so air circulation is important.

Pay attention to the original listing date of the homes you inspect.
Sellers tend to be more flexible in price the longer the home is on the
A house that is oriented to take advantage of the sun, wind and topography costs less to heat and cool which can save you substantially
on utility bills.
Buying a house whose style is uniquely individual tends to minimize,
not maximize, its resale value because the house will appeal to a more
limited audience of potential buyers.
If you think you may need more space in the near future, be sure the
house and lot will allow for expansion.
Redoing a kitchen can be expensive. Be sure you know what you need
and want before you buy.

A roof that complements the style of a home and is carefully
maintained adds to the home's visual appeal and its resale value.
A light-colored roof reflects heat and is best.
 In temperate
climates, a middle-range shade is best.
The three most popular wall choices are brick, wood siding and
stucco. About half of all home shoppers prefer brick for exterior walls;
about one-third prefer wood siding; and about one-fifth prefer stucco.
Wood floors suggest warmth, quality and good taste and are an asset
when it comes time to sell a house.  Tile is the number one choice for floors in this area.
Most home shoppers prefer a combination of ceramic tile and vinyl wallpaper as a covering for bathroom walls, creating a positive effect
on the house's resale value. Ceramic tile is usually installed wherever
water comes in contact with the wall.

Remember trees, shrubs and flowers enhance the beauty and value of a lot and house.
 If you are looking for a farm or small acreage remember here in Costa Rica you can do a lot more on smaller acreage here than in the US.
 We have  excellent attorneys who will always check the national registry to make sure the property you buy has everything in order for the sale.
5000 La Flora MLS #: 0690-La Flora
Tucurrique- Cartago, Share
5000 La Flora, Tucurrique- Cartago,
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Price: $140,000.
Square Ft: View Map View Map
Bedrooms: 2 Request More Info Request More Info
Bathrooms: 2 Local Schools Local Schools
Year Built: 2011 Printable Flyer Printable Flyer
Small Organic Farm with 3 story log cabin
3 story log open-air cabin on 1.24 acre organic farm in quiet rural area. Currently they raise chickens for eggs on the farm. They have 1000 hens and collect about 600 to 650 eggs per day. They have a good local market for the eggs. Chickens NOT included with the sale. The log cabin has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, a small laundry area, and a large storage room . The kitchen is large and opens up to the living area on one side, another side opens to a covered tiled porch with a bar and built in bar stools. Living room is large. 2nd floor also has a family room. There are many fruit trees including tangerines, lemons, oranges, cas, bananas,pejibaye trees, and other. A large garden area, rich soil. 4 buildings for chickens, a feed storage building, a large water tank. Come and see- great price Available Utilities & Services Electricity, Telephone, City/County Water, Septic, Cable TV- 3G internet. Location & Directions About 3 miles from the town of Tucurrique- 15 miles from Turrialba, 25 miles from Cartago.